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Nahid on Main

281 Main St North, Newmarket

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Peace and Convenience

Experience the true meaning of peace and convenience. Located in the very heart of the tranquil natures of Newmarket, Nahid on Main is the definition of an uncomplicated life.


Nahid on Main is the combination of the 21st century’s advancements and our knowledge of the past and future opportunities. Built with precision and care to form a nourishing environment for individuals, families and communities, and to become the ideal scenery of what life is truly about: unconditional living.


Mindfully designed with accuracy and compassion, Nahid on Main’s Architecture is an amalgam of natural beauty and modern sophistication. The rectangular edges and the Stocco details represent contemporary luxury while the wooden components amplify and blend in with the surrounding nature.

LET THE SOUND OF NATURE EMBRACE YOUR SOUL. Nahid on Main is the essence of nature combined with timeless architecture, a truly spectacular abstraction brought to life.

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With a total of 55,568 SQ Ft, Nahid on Main provides 11 magnificent units that include 9 town-houses that have direct pedestrian access to Main street and two semi-detached houses. Each unit comprises three storeys, rear covered balconies with a view to the beautiful landscapes and a private road with interior and exterior parking spaces.


What puts Nahid on Main in a unique position compared to all properties alike is its accessibility. Life without a car is possible as tenants have quick access to superstores, recreation centres, schools, daycares, restaurants, and other amenities. Whether you work or study and rely on public transportation for your travels, Newmarkets Go Station and Viva/YRT transits are just a few minutes away. And, Upper Canada Mall plus five other amazing Plazas are only 5 minutes away.

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